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Labor Moving

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Why would you break your back with that heavy china cabinet that you need to load to your rented truck, U Haul or POD when First Class Movers Inglewood can take care of that for you.

We have a team of strong and professional movers that have tons of experience when it comes to heavy lifting. We performed a lot of different labor services throughout the years. The most common are a loading and unloading service.

We Will Assist With Any Labor Job - Big Or Small

Besides that, we can clear out the space for events or parties that you have. If you want to stage your home for selling, no problem at all. Even moving within the same moving building is considered as a labor job.

For your labor services, we will provide you with service of disassembly or assembly, all of your items will be carefully wrapped up and safely moved where you want it to be.

All inclusive rates are something we provide for any kind of service.

There are no hidden charges for stairs or heavy items handley or even long hallways.

We won’t charge you anything to get to your location or to go back. Reach out to us and schedule your best labor move.

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Get your free quote from one of our relocation specialists and have an amazing on-site move. You can request one directly from our website and we will ensure you receive your detailed quote within 24 hours, or – you can give us a direct call for a detailed, free estimate.

Our relocation specialists will make sure that you receive consistent moving support throughout the entire First Class Movers experience, no matter when your move is bound to take place. That is why you should give us a call at (424) 223-5300 – so we can start planning your move today!