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Moving Checklist

Moving always comes with a lot of hustle and bustle, especially if you are moving on short notice. There are many movers Los Angeles has to offer, so you might get caught up with that, and not being able to find someone who can meet your needs. Then it comes packing, unpacking, and everything that you cannot avoid during the move. It might seem to you that every step you make is making the whole project even more stressful. That is why we are here – to make sure that your local moving is done safely, smoothly, and stress-free. If you follow this moving checklist, you will be covered no matter the size of your move or the complexity of the project. Keep it, because you will probably need to move more than once in your lifetime. 

Get organized!

You’ve heard this many times, but we have to repeat – planning your move and keeping things organized will help you have a stress-free move. It is more important than finding the best local movers. There are a few ways to keep things organized. You can either get a notebook where you will keep all the information about your move. If you want to be even more organized, you should create an online drive where you will add the confirmation email that you will get from your local movers and the rest of the documentation. Making a plan will make your move smooth! 

Research potential local movers

Before you hire any furniture movers, you will have to do detailed research among many LA movers that are offering their services out there. You will have to read a lot of online reviews and learn more about the experience that other people had before hiring local movers. After all, you will have a bunch of people who you don’t know handling your whole life. 


Call furniture movers to get quotes

After you did your research, you will have to call local movers to learn more about their services and prices. Before calling your local movers, you should think about your moving needs and come up with the questions that will make the whole process of getting a quote easier. 

Check with your building if there are some building requirements or restrictions

Every building management has some requirements, and you should do your best to learn what yours needs you to do. They might have the list of the local movers that you can or cannot use for your upcoming relocation, so make sure to check that before hiring any furniture movers. If your building has just standard requirements, such as a certificate of insurance or to reserve the elevator, your local movers will take care of this. 

Book local movers

Once you have found your LA movers that you want to use for your upcoming move, you don’t want them to lose the availability. That is why you will have to act fast and book your local movers in time. This way, you will be able to get the moving date that you want and the best local movers too. 

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Read the confirmation email

After you have scheduled your local movers, they will send you some type of confirmation. Make sure to read this confirmation email in detail to confirm that everything is correct and how it should be. Double-check the price and your personal information. Also, you might want to read if your local movers have some restrictions and if there is something they can or cannot move. This is the document that contains all of this information, and you want to make sure that everything is correct. 

Check with your leasing agreement to check what is expected on your end

Before you move out from your rental, you will want to read your leasing documents to see what you need to do before you leave for good. You don’t want any additional expenses during your move because moving comes with many expenses on its own. 

Create the timeline for the packing process

Packing is the most complex and the most time-consuming task that you will face during your moving process, so you should plan it properly. Making a timeline is the best way to keep this task well-organized so you are ready to go when your local movers arrive. Don’t underestimate the size of your home and don’t think that everything can be done in a day or two, so be realistic when it comes to creating this timeline.

Get quality packing boxes in various sizes

Of course – you don’t want to spend a fortune for packing boxes that you will throw away, but you will have to invest some money to keep your items safe and sound during the move. You can use suitcases, storage bins, and bags for your less fragile belongings, but for those who require special care – you should get some boxes that are of better quality. 

Start packing early

Procrastination is your worse enemy when it comes to moving, so you will have to start packing in time. Or, if you don’t have enough time, you can always hire local movers to help you with this task. The rule is simple, you should be packed and ready to go at least the night before your furniture movers arrive. Start with the least used rooms and move towards those you are using daily. This way, you will be packed when your local movers get there, but at the same time, you will be able to continue with your daily life. 


No matter how many times you have moved so far, every next time when you are moving – you will have what to declutter. This should be done no matter if you are packing on your own or hiring local movers to help you with it. 

You should split your items into those that you want to take with yourself, those that should be sold or donated, and those that you want to get rid of. Your local movers can help you by taking some big furniture pieces that you want to declutter, just make sure to let them know that you would like them to help you with this. 

Label the boxes


Labeling the boxes will help you keep things organized and it will help you determine if all of your items have been moved by your local movers. 

You can choose the labeling style that works the best for you, from color-coding to coding by numbers, or find your own system. Just don’t forget to add notes for your local movers for boxes with fragile content. Oh, and not to mention that this will help you unpack. 

Inform everyone that you are moving

In the chaos of moving you can easily forget to let your loved ones know that you are moving. If possible, you can even celebrate this occasion. 

Transfer your utilities

Settling down in your new home is not possible without transferring your utilities. Since you will need a couple of days to organize this, make sure to do it in time. 

Forward your mail

The same goes for this. You will need your mail, right? So make sure to forward it. And not just that, check if you can change the address for your online orders so you can get them at your new home. 

Use the food that you already have in your fridge/freezer/pantry


Local movers are not able to help you with moving any food, so make sure to get creative in the kitchen and to come up with some new receipts that will help you use everything that you already have at home. No need to throw away your groceries, you should just plan your meals. 

Defrost your freezer

Talking of food… You should defrost your freezer before your local movers arrive, otherwise they won’t be able to move it because it can lead to many damages to your items. You will need a few days for this, so make sure not to forget it. 

Take pictures of your electronics before unplugging

We all hate plugging electronics because we need to make numerous tries before we get it right. That is why you should take pictures of your electronics before your local movers get there to move them. 

Organize disconnecting and connecting back your appliances

Local movers cannot help you with this, so make sure to do it before they arrive or to find someone who can do it for you. 

Hire a babysitter and a pet sitter

No need to explain this, but the moving site can be a dangerous place for your loved ones. Make sure to find a babysitter and someone who will take care of your pets before your local movers arrive. 

Think of a parking spot for your local movers

moving locally

Your local movers will need you to provide them with a parking spot, so if you have to get the parking permit, you should know that this will take some time. 

Prepare your new home for moving in

Before your local movers bring in the furniture, make sure to do all the repairs, painting, and to make a layout of your new home. 

Ask for a day off work

Ask for a day off so you can be there to coordinate your local movers, sign the agreement, and be there if they have any questions or concerns. 

Pack and move valuables on your own

No matter how trusted your furniture movers are, you should pack and move your irreplaceable items on your own. Just to be 100% safe! 

Get some cash for tipping your local movers

If you decide to tip your furniture movers, you should have cash. Some local movers can take credit card tips, but this is the safe bet. 

Pack an essential bag

Pack all the items that you might need on a moving day to make the whole process much easier and smooth. 

Dispose of all of the flammable items, liquids, etc.

moving company

Local movers won’t be able to move anything that can jeopardize your belongings, so they will expect you to get rid of everything flammable, hazardous, poisonous, or any liquids. 

Don’t try to pack this without your furniture movers knowing about this, because if something gets damaged because of this – your local movers won’t take responsibility. Do everything to keep your items safe. 

Confirm all the moving details with your local movers

Your furniture movers will probably give you a call or send you an email at least two days before the moving day to confirm everything with you. If they don’t reach out to you, you should give them a call and confirm all the details. You want to be sure that your local movers are coming to your location. As we like to say – better safe than sorry. 

Set the deadline for unpacking

Everyone hates unpacking, maybe even more than packing. And this is a task that you cannot expect help from your local movers. You are on your own when it comes to this. Unless you want to live surrounded by a bunch of boxes forever, you should set a deadline for unpacking. Settling down in your new home should be exciting, so make sure to do it as soon as possible. 

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