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6 Best Areas to Move To in Los Angeles!

Sunny weather, surfing, vibrant city… Those are just some of the reasons that make Los Angeles the most desirable location to live in. Are you looking for the best neighborhood to move to Los Angeles? We prepared for you the ultimate guide with the best areas to move in. Let’s start! 

  1. Inglewood

If you always wanted to live in a suburb town with a city vibe, you should move to Inglewood. There are lots of things you can do here. Inglewood is a pretty safe, fairly quiet and clean neighborhood. This and great schools are what makes this neighborhood great for families with kids. Inglewood is close to amusement parks and other places where you and kids will find entertainment. If you enjoy watching movies, theaters around the areas are very good. You will find multiple malls, very delicious eateries and it’s not far from well known universities such as UCLA or UC Irvine. If you are looking for diversity and nice neighbors, this is a great place for you. 

  1. Santa Monica

One of the favorite places for all Los Angeles residents is Santa Monica. If you are looking for a place which is relaxed and close to the beach, you should move to Santa Monica. Santa Monica is the place where you will find amazing houses and it is a very eco-friendly city. You can enjoy riding bikes at one of the bike paths in the town. Downtown Santa Monica is a business district with a vibrant shopping center and entertainment hub. The beach is a great place for both relaxation and recreation. Fresh ingredients can be found in Farmers Market. Santa Monica Public Library is  a quiet place to study, take a class, join a book discussion, or check out a book. There are a bunch of parks in this town and plenty of opportunities for recreation. Third Street Promenade has been the main shopping district in the city. It is open space where you can shop, dine or just walk around. You will find charming cafes, restaurants and bakeries here as well. 

  1. Long Beach

Great location between Los Angeles and Orange County is just one of the things why Long Beach is a great place to live in. If you are thinking about moving to Long Beach, let us tell you a little bit more of what this city has to offer. Residents of Long Beach claim that their town is the same like Los Angeles, just shrunk to a more manageable size. It is a town full of arts, culture, sunshines and smiles. At the end of the day, who wouldn’t like to live on the beach? You will find lots of young people surfing and getting tanned here. There are few great schools in this district, if you are moving with your kids, they will find a proper education in Long Beach. Overall, this is a great city if you want to experience the relaxed vibe of Los Angeles.

  1. Downtown Los Angeles

When you are walking through Downtown LA you can’t help but feel the historical vibe of this town. You can enjoy the amazing architecture of this city on every corner. As you can imagine, you will find one of the most delicious food options here. There are plenty of diverse and amazing food options. Whether you love Chinese, Mexican or Italian food. If you are living a healthy life, you will find great options for that as well. Looking for a party? You are in the right place, from rooftop bars to the nightclubs, there is everything in the DTLA. This is one of the most vibrant areas in Los Angeles, so you will always have something to do, you will never be bored. If you always wanted to live in an urban jungle, then you should definitely think about moving to Downtown Los Angeles.

  1. Glendale

Thinking about moving to Glendale? Let us tell you something more about this big player in the animation business. This city is home to several studios, such as Marvel, DreamWorks and Disney. There are also lots of businesses here, so if you are searching for a place where you can start your new career, this is probably it. It is also very close to Los Angeles, so if you miss a crowded city, you can easily reach it. Glendale is a great place for families with kids, it is safe, clean and there are great schools in this district. Although the city is a business town, it is still filled with recreation and relaxation options. You can enjoy one of the parks with your kids, have a picnic or morning walk. Overall, Glendale is a great, cozy and safe town to live in.

  1. West Hollywood

If you are looking for a place which is a synonym for diversity, party and entertainment, look no further. West Hollywood is a great place for everyone who is young or feels young. This is the most exciting place to live in Los Angeles. Fun fact is that this is the only city in Los Angeles with a heterosexual minority. If you are a dog owner, you will be happy to know you can take your best friend everywhere with you, yes, even in the gym. Speaking of gyms, you should know that residents of West Hollywood are crazy over fitness. If you live an active lifestyle, you will easily fit in this town. You should prepare your Halloween costume, because Halloween is a big deal here. It is so iconic that many think it was the basis for Michael Jackson’s famous athene. The vegan food in West Hollywood is so good, that even those who can’t live without burgers will love it. Living in West Hollywood will give you a ton of access to job opportunities. In West Hollywood you will find 2 public schools and 14 private schools, but if you move to West Hollywood your kids will have access to schools in the entire Los Angeles area.